Friday, September 14, 2012

Answers to your SORROW questions.

Since I revealed the cover to my upcoming novella, Ours is Just a Little Sorrow, I've been fielding some questions about the genre and what to expect. I thought I'd compile a few and throw them to the wild for those who wondered but didn't ask.

Is this story YA?

No. This is one of my adult titles. Though, if you are an older teen and enjoy reading adult romance in addition to  the YA genre, you may enjoy it as well. My protagonist is young, just released from an orphanage, but she's a young woman and not a teenager. Also, there are mature loves scenes. I believe the genre would fit with New Adult.

What the heck is Neo-Victorian?

When I began writing SORROW, I thought I was writing a steampunk novel, that is, an alternate history piece set in the Victorian era. And sort of I did, and sort of I didn't. But what I've noticed about hardcore steampunk is that the gadgetry is paramount, and while there is some in my novella, there isn't a lot. It's...steampunk-lite.

The term neo-Victorian seems to encompass a lot of things and so I'm going with it. Basically, it's the aesthetics of the Victorian and Edwardian era mixed up with modern technologies. Sort of.

SORROW takes place in the future and on another planet, but while there is planetary travel and many modern conveniences, my characters live as if they were on Earth in the late-ish 1800s--the way they dress, speak, and consider life.

It's not historical, but it's got a historical voice. It's not science fiction, though it takes place on another planet. It's not futuristic, though it takes place in the future. There really is just no right place to shelf this story, but that didn't stop me from writing it.


Good question.

I love historical romance and I have readers who still ask me when I'm going to write more after my short story, Second Son of a Duke. But with historical writing comes responsibility. I'm not a detail oriented person and you really should be if you want to write the past accurately. But, hey, guess what? If you're writing about a world you made up, the details only have to be consistent with YOUR world...not the real one. I get the benefit of writing in a voice that I think suits me without having to worry about whether or I can use scissors in that scene because they weren't invented for ten more years yet.

What else?

Since I was throwing in all the stuff I wanted and not caring about the consequences, I added a few of my favorite elements. Like...Gothic romance (castle, governess, Byronic hero, hidden passages, secrets) and my own homages to the Brontë  sisters and Mary Shelley.

And, of course, kissing. It's totally a kissing book.

When does this book come out?

Soon! I don't have a firm release date but I'm hoping on or around October 2nd. Or before. Because I'm dangerous like that.

Here are some links about steampunk and neo-Victorianism to get you started.

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